Play at Home

A Typical Day at Home

We provide information about our daily activities at the end of each day via a white board which can be viewed at the setting at pick up. We also provide more information via the privately accessed parent’s portal e.g. written observations of individual children, policies plus lots of photos and videos of activities and outings.

Generally, children arrive from 8.00 am onwards (in time for breakfast at 8.30am). We do lots of singing and dancing and we read many stories. We do painting, drawing, messy sensory play, and craft activities. We go with the flow and adapt to the children’s particular likes and interests as well as, of course, their learning goals. We go out to local parks and we also have a garden which we use regularly throughout the day. We are always trying to think of new and exciting games to play and things to do. We make learning (i.e. playing) as much fun as it possibly can be. This is as much for us as it is for the children!

We have lunch around 11.30/11.45 am. Most of the children we currently look after nap for an hour or two between 12.30 pm and 2.30 pm approximately – babies also have a short morning nap in our separate sleep room.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are always a nutritious home-cooked meal, prepared by us at the setting each day. Porridge for breakfast is very popular.  (See our “Menus” page). Dinner is served around 4.30 pm. Nutrition is a high priority and we offer and encourage the children to eat a wide variety of healthy home made foods. Children are picked up anytime from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm.