Vacancies and Waiting List

“Summer House” is a small, beautiful home-based childcare setting a few steps away from Wimbledon Park tube in London. The vast majority of the parents that find us do so by word of mouth and recommendations from current and past parents.

We think our location with its garden and nearby parks, our small team of friendly and professional staff, together with the opportunities presented in our small, homely, environment for children to play and make new friends, is why we are so in demand.

Many parents enquire when their children are very young babies. The children often start at our setting at around age 9 to 12 months. Most children go on from here to attend nursery settings by age 3 so the average age of the children at our setting is one to two years.

Update:  21 October 2022

We have one space becoming available for 2 days per week on Thursdays and Fridays starting from mid December 2022 / early January 2023 (and/or Fridays only available now). If you are interested to find out more or arrange a visit please contact Michelle at the email address below.

We get many inquiries and many prospective parents ask if we have a waiting list. We have decided not to operate an official waiting list as it would give people the impression that places arise frequently.

When places do arise (e.g. due to children moving to pre-school nursery, parents going on maternity leave, or a family moving out of the area), we advertise only on this website as the vast majority all of new parents find us because past and current parents have recommended us to their friends.

There is a natural change in the diary in September each year and one or two places often arise around December / January and again in spring time (parents are required to give 2 months notice). Many of our current parents go on to have second children and so available places go to current children and siblings as a priority. If a parent is very keen on our setting then the best way to secure a place is simply by keeping an eye on this website or emailing every so often to re-register your continued interest. In this way, an unofficial waiting list might arise for those parents that are particularly keen and are able to wait for a place to arise. We try to reply to all enquiries but often times we have so many its hard to keep on top of this – so please accept our apologies if we do not reply straight away. We do keep all emailed enquiries and will get back to you if an unexpected vacancy arises which matches or is similar to your requirements, in terms of the number of days and the month in which, it may be required.